Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

  • Powergraph BVBA, represented by Guido Van der Schueren, Chairman
  • Big Friend NV, represented by Stéphane Vandervelde
  • Sofia BVBA, represented by Chris Buyse
  • 3C Consulting BVBA, represented by Bruno Kusters

Statutary Auditor

Ernst & Young Bedrijfsrevisoren, represented by Mrs. Marleen Mannekens, has been appointed as statutary auditor of Keyware Technologies NV

Committees appointed by the Board of Directors

The Audit Committee

  • Sofia BVBA, Chairman, represented by Chris Buyse
  • Powergraph BVBA, represented by Guido Van der Schueren

Remuneration Committee

  • 3C Consulting BVBA, Chairman, represented by Bruno Kusters
  • Powergraph BVBA, represented by Guido Van der Schueren
  • Sofia BVBA, represented by Chris Buyse

Corporate Governance Charter

Check the Corporate Governance Charter of  Keyware Technologies here (NL).