Keyware Technologies | Organisation



Stéphane Vandervelde, President & CEO

  • more than 30 years’ experience in the technology sector
  • co-founder of Keyware Technologies
  • board member at assorted companies in various economic and technological sectors
  • civil engineer with a specialisation in microelectronics and chip design

Alain Hubert, CFO

  • more than 20 years’ experience in financial management, accounting and taxation
  • former Director at E&Y (Transaction Advisory Services)
  • Certified Auditor
  • Master’s degree in applied economics
  • specialisations include due diligence and quality & risk management
  • with Keyware since 2013

Wim Verfaille, COO

  • more than 25 years’ experience in operational management and business process optimisation
  • extensive knowledge of retail, telecoms and payments technology
  • with Keyware since 2007
  • industrial engineer (electricity)

Joris Maes, CCO

  • more than 20 years’ experience in various national and international sales & marketing positions
  • Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering
  • MBA in General International Management
  • with Keyware since 2010

Laurent Vandervelde, Country Manager Duitsland, CCO EasyOrder

  • Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering @ Solvay Business School
  • sales & marketing development at Readz
  • experienced in the development of international sales and marketing strategies
  • market analysis for technology start-ups

Franck Willmann, CEO Magellan

  • more than 20 years’ experience in payments applications
  • co-founder of Magellan
  • co-creator of Caravel payment solutions
  • Director of Products and Services at Magellan for 12 years
  • DESS Informatique Images et Réseaux (UCB) Lyon
  • 16 years @ Magellan