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Retailers, local authorities, clubs and associations, professionals... increasingly, everyone wants to offer their products and services online. And not just via PCs, but over laptops, tablets and smartphones, too. As they search for a solution, they face a range of different problems:

  • software packages are unsuited to the size of their activities and demand a lot of further development. Implementation is time-consuming and hard work.
  • automatic integration between the mobile app and the web shop is often lacking, and integration with the cash register system may not be straightforward.
  • with other packages, revenue-based fees eat away at the business model, making it very hard to succeed.
  • adjustments to auxiliary software or operating systems cause substantial extra work

All of the above problems mean that many online ideas fail to get off the ground, go wrong or make a loss. Meanwhile, online giants such as Amazon, Zalando or corner an ever larger share of the market.

POS system linking online and offline, compatible with ios, windows phone, android


  • it is available as software as a service (SaaS), so that users pay a monthly fee based on their selected functionalities
  • it comprises an integrated web shop plus app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • it can be integrated with your cash register system
  • it combines ordering AND payment
  • its control module allows you to upload products, add prices and descriptions, set special offers, monitor orders and payments, etc. at any time

EasyOrder makes it easy to optimise personnel costs, cut queues in-store, reduce overstocking and raise visibility and sales.

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