Solutions & Services

Keyware as independent NSP

Keyware positions itself as an independent NSP due to its own transaction platform and a selected number of strategic partners for payment terminals, acquiring services, e-commerce, m-commerce and telecoms companies.

Personalised payment solutions

By collaborating with various global players on payment terminals and payment transaction services, Keyware is able to offer payment solutions adapted to the market segment, the type of organisation or the work environment of the customer in a cost-efficient way. This principle applies both to the payment environment itself and to the maintenance and intervention contracts.

In this way customers can select a payment solution that is appropriate for their needs and will evolve with their changing economic environment. 

This is how Keyware manages to record continuous growth, year on year, with more than 16,000 customers making daily use of its payment services. 

Keyware can therefore rightly call itself a valued partner of various government services (cities and municipalities, social welfare associations, libraries ...), retail chains, hospitality partners, transporters, free professions, fitters, house-to-house suppliers, etc.