Keyware's mission

"To be an innovative FinTech solutions provider for facilitating omni-channel payment experiences."

Keyware strives to provide innovative FinTech solutions that simplify omni-channel payments, both for professional sellers and for consumers.

A sale of a product or service that falls through because the customer doesn’t have the requested payment method available. A customer who walks away because the payment method is too inconvenient. A delivery which is made but never paid for. A purchase which is postponed because the budget doesn’t allow for it... these are just a few of the daily occurrences for which Keyware offers safe, structured, high-quality affordable solutions to organizations, companies and business owners.

In previous years, Keyware has focused on renting out POS terminals and processing payments. Since 2017, we have switched the emphasis to offering our own FinTech solutions in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). The centrepiece is our Set2U transaction platform, which is flanked by the Split and S-Token.

Combined with terminal rentals and transaction agreements, Keyware’s FinTech solutions give retailers and financial intermediaries the flexibility to allow customers to pay quickly and efficiently, whether online, using their smartphones or face to face.