Management team

Stéphane Vandervelde, Founder

  • more than 30 years’ experience in the technology sector
  • co-founder of Keyware Technologies
  • board member at assorted companies in various economic and technological sectors
  • civil engineer with a specialisation in microelectronics and chip design

Guido Van der Schueren, CEO ad interim

  • main shareholder of Keyware Technologies through Powergraph
  • President of the Board of Directors
  • extensive experience in prepress software through Artwork Systems, Hybrid Software, Global Graphics, Brand Quadergy
  • involved in Keyware since 2001

Paul Inniger, CFO

  • over 30 experience in Finance, Operations and HR
  • very broad experience in various companies in various sectors such as technology, pharma, IT...
  • specifieke ervaring in systems, en post acquisities
  • master in corporate finance en financial accounting

Franck Willmann, CEO Magellan

  • more than 20 years’ experience in payments applications
  • co-founder of Magellan
  • co-creator of Caravel payment solutions
  • Director of Products and Services at Magellan for 12 years
  • DESS Informatique Images et Réseaux (UCB) Lyon
  • 16 years @ Magellan

Steven Van Aken, Operations Director

  • 18+ years of experience in electronic payments with Keyware Group
  • 3 years experience in F&A
  • 15 years active in the operations department responsible for operations planning manager
  • bachelor Accountancy - Taxation
  • Since 2004 involved in Keyware