Keeping transaction data secure is vital, both within and outside of the world of finance. Worldwide, the number of attempts to steal or manipulate transaction data is rising every year. The complexity of the different platforms, the succession of different parties involved in processing a transaction and the constant growth in transaction numbers offer rich pickings for criminals and criminal organisations. S-Token is a core component in the fight for secure payments.

S-Token is software that ensures sensitive critical data is kept secure in accordance with the PCI DSS and EMVCo requirements for the financial sector. Transactions are kept secure through desensitisation, i.e. by replacing sensitive data with irreversible tokens with no intrinsic value. This makes compromised data unusable for malicious parties.

Direct benefits:

  • reduces risk, loss, liability and reputational damage in the event of data theft or manipulation
  • facilitates setting up an environment that complies with, e.g., the PCI DSS 3.0 standard and reduces the capital costs of compliance with standards
  • can be used for non-financial applications, e.g. for data anonymisation in big data applications, CRM, market analysis etc.