“How can I make the most of my budget?” is the key question for many consumers. To do so, they often resort to different forms of lending, such as credit cards, personal loans, buy-now pay-later offers, hire purchase and so on. Unfortunately, these solutions are not available to everyone. They can also give rise to high costs and complex paperwork, or there may be a considerable length of time between the urge to purchase and the availability of the funds.

Retailers, meanwhile, wonder how they can sell their products and services as quickly as possible and optimise their response to the customer’s available budget. Various cosiderations need to be kept in mind: customer retention, the risk of non-payment, administration costs, financing costs, collection costs, processing speed etc.

Demand for micro-credit is taking off throughout Europe. SPLIT sets the standard for spreading payments: customers can pay for their purchases in three or four instalments via their normal bank card, regardless of which national law applies. Payment can be made at the till or online, without any need to set up a special credit account. Retailers can decide for themselves how to use the system: with no set conditions, with guaranteed receipt of deferred payments or with immediate receipt of the full amount from a financial intermediary. SPLIT thus offers retailers both the flexibility they need and a powerful means to realise extra revenue.