Set2U is a universal software platform for defining, organising and managing payment transactions. Set2U is aimed primarily at financial businesses such as banks, lending institutions, payment processors and other financial service providers such as car finance providers. For these customers, Set2U reduces the complexity of the traditional payments environment while increasing flexibility, convenience and security. Instead of a range of payment methods and channels (POS terminals, ATMs, web shops, prepaid cards, coupons etc.) requiring separate solutions to be set up, managed and maintained, Set2U offers a single, centralised solution for every payment method and app in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Direct benefits for financial businesses:

  • run a single software platform, instead of operating different solutions in parallel with multiple technologies, different product life cycles, duplicated data management, inconsistent reporting options and separate supplier contracts.
  • SaaS model has a clear cost structure instead of the unpredictable costs and maintenance requirements of multiple in-house developments and the integration costs of different packages.
  • much quicker time to market compared to the long implementation and customisation schedule of traditional approaches.
  • benefit from the latest developments and software versions and stay abreast of changes in the market and sector.
  • scalable modular solution that allows you to switch regions and services quickly (e.g. issuing new cards, offering prepaid services)